I'm Becky. I'M OBSESSED WITH DOGS. I'm into theatre and acting, music, singing, art, marching band, concert band, fruit, pizza, tacos, dogs, cats, bears, dinosaurs, dragons, Harry Potter, books, Amy Winehouse, Modest Mouse, KT Tunstall, classic and folk rock, writing, Spanish, vintage things, playing my instruments, poetry, rain, spring, fall, superheroes, feminism, Goodwill, dressing fancy, the 90s, eyes, tattoos, goldfish, pizza rolls, spicy foods, sour candy, scary movies, quoting Spongebob, Buddhism, quoting Drake and Josh, purple, my family, my best friends (specifically my Hairy), and myself. I'm really lame. Band is the only reason I care about school. My best friends Hairy and Nick and my devotion to the arts are the only reasons I care about living. If you want to know anything else, ask.

P.S. Your Mom

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lol ok help



literally what the fuck is the lego movie ive only seen gifs and they all make it look like completely seperate things they cant possibly be one plot

It’s like toy story on cocaine and it is great

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"I hate dogs."


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My dog is barking really. Loud and my really drunk and it’s freaking he out


im not crying theres just a bit of homework in my eye

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I think everyone in the world should give me one dollar

See if everyone who had reblogged this gave me a dollar I would have like at least $30

Operation give me a dollar 2014

all these notes and no dollars

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