Becky Dumbledore

I'm Becky. I'm into theatre and acting, music, singing, art, marching band, concert band, fruit, pizza, tacos, dogs, cats, bears, dinosaurs, dragons, Harry Potter, books, Amy Winehouse, Modest Mouse, KT Tunstall, classic and folk rock, writing, Spanish, vintage things, playing my instruments, poetry, rain, spring, fall, superheroes, feminism, Goodwill, dressing fancy, the 90s, eyes, tattoos, goldfish, pizza rolls, spicy foods, sour candy, scary movies, quoting Spongebob, Buddhism, quoting Drake and Josh, purple, my family, my best friends (specifically my Hairy), and myself. I'm really lame. Band is the only reason I care about school. My best friends Hairy and Nick and my devotion to the arts are the only reasons I care about living. If you want to know anything else, ask.

P.S. Your Mom

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*eats 1,000 oranges* its fruit i won’t gain weight

An orange is approximately 87 calories. If you were to eat 1,000 oranges that would be 87,000 calories.

its fruit i wont gain weight 

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eating in class when ur not supposed to


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Hey Arnold! is my favorite anime.

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Anonymous asked: hey arnold isnt an anime u fucking moron



Then how the fuck do you explain this??


Checkmate, you weeabitch.


My anaconda will take whatever it can get at this point

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is that dirt on my computer screen or punctuation               .

Ancient Proverb

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